Writers Wanted

Interested in voicing your opinion about games? If you're at least reasonably skilled at writing and passionate about games, then Game Completionist needs you!

We're a tiny new blog with the goal of offering personal, opinionated editorials and reviews about pretty much anything gaming-related. Writing for Game Completionist, your work would be licensed under the Creative Commons, and you would maintain complete freedom in choice of topic, length and style of writing, etc.

We want to offer a personal voice. We're not overly concerned with being fair or unbiased. If you're deemed worthy, you'll be given author access to the site and the freedom/responsibility to decide what you want to post, and when you want to post it.

Our core team of moderators maintain the final say when issues arise, and reserve the right to unpublish or ultimately delete articles if they are overly extreme or if we're requested to take it down for a good enough reason.

Interested in joining us? Write us at [email protected] today!